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With more than 30 years’ experience of working for various dynamic companies, Liesbeth Halbertsma has alternated her role as a Consultant, with the role of Manager and CEO. This combined experience has been exceptionally effective in giving her, a greater understanding of the support needed for both the position and the needs of CEO’s, as well and their Board of Directors. Her work on the anticipation and management of change has also influenced many managers and organizations. For example, CEO’s have requested her support on issues, resulting in:

•    A shared vision on the organization for the future.
•    The core group in their organizations in which they can share their ideas and problems.
•    Change really is happening in their organization.
•    The performance of CEO and their team to strengthen the way in which they want to     
      move forward.

Large group interventions
While Liesbeth acts as an executive consultant she also gives individual and team support. She also involves larger groups within the organization, in different kinds of events and conferences, depending on the desired outcome.

Liesbeth runs her own company as a full time Consultant. She was also an Associate Faculty Member of de Baak Management Centrum, where she has successfully been lecturing. Liesbeth has published a wide range of articles in the last 30 years and some of Liesbeth’s subjects of interests are: organizational behaviour, organizational dynamics, systems thinking and leadership development.

Client organizations that Liesbeth has recently been working with are: University of Amsterdam, KNAW, ABD, GITP, University of Utrecht, Teso, De Baak, AVL and ENGIE.

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Liesbeth Halbertsma

Liesbeth Halbertsma & Partners

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